We are a private company established on the 19th March 1982 providing a transportation service in Botswana.We are known as Mahube & Sons Pty (ltd) but trade as Mahube Express. Mahube Express provides seamless transport all over Botswana.We start services when the cock crows and continue for 12 hours of the day as distinguished by 12 rays of the sun in our logo.

The green on our logo signifies the conditions of employment that our staff enjoys. We pride ourselves with the provision of state of the art luxury coaches in our city to city services. Mahube Express targets the niche market, the top market which recognizes and appreciates comfort and luxury.

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We provide public and private transport services to both the local and the international market. With fleet of over twenty buses of all types, our services are enhanced by the comfort our buses have.

On roads these buses are up to standard with cleanliness, coupled with full climate control on some of our buses for hygiene purposes for our passengers. The kitchenette and toilet in the luxury couches are there to provide the passengers with the comfort they need while travelling.



Francistown Maun
08:30 7:30
0:30 10:30
15:30 15:30
Francistown Kasane
05:00 05:00
13:00 13:00
Francistown Gaborone
07:00 12:00
13:00 14:00
Gaborone Orapa
12:00 08:00
08:30 08:30
10:00 09:30
11:00 11:00
13:00 12:30
14:30 14:30
16:00 16:30
18:00 17:00
18:30 18:30


About Mahube


Mahube and Sons Pty (ltd) is to be the first choice public transporter in terms of safety, reliability, comfort, innovativeness, cleanness and provision of excellent customer service.

Mahube and Sons Pty (ltd) is committed in providing commuters with excellent customer service in a safe, reliable, pro-active, clean and comfortable environment that is provided by friendly and professional staff.

Goals and objectives

  • To expand into SADC region and domestic markets in five years time
  • To operate only luxury buses in five years time
  • To train employees in order to develop a professional team that will provide excellent customer service and embrace safety measures by the end of 2011.
  • To high profile the company so that it becomes a house hold name through social obligation commitments, promotions and advertising in a year’s time.
  • To develop the most efficient and cost effective operation starting 2011